Angelic Frequencies​ Sound Healing and Reiki  

Angelic Ocean Soundbath
~Healing with the Dolphins and Whales~

Experience one of the most transformational sound vortexes available at this time on Earth!

Join me for a workshop that literally dives into the Galactic Ocean to connect to the Angelic Cetacean (dolphin and whale) Realm!

In January of 2017 I began to deepen a connection between my consciousness and the Angelic Cetacean realm. I experienced a spontaneous attunement to this magical, healing, heart-centered frequency of this realm during a mediation. The consciousness of this soul group communicated a symbol to me that can attune others to the same frequencies.

In this workshop, I will be giving a little background information about the Blue Ray Realm, Angelic Realm, Cetacean Realm, and the deep cosmic origins of the Earth Gaia. If you have been drawn to the ocean or have a love of dolphins, whales, fish, sea life, then a part of you is already connected to these realms and is waiting for you to deepen the connection and this attunement will create that for you.

Each person will receive the attunement to the Angelic Cetacean Realm and then go into a meditation with me. I will open the sound vortex portal to these realms through the ancient frequencies, tones, and codes that I have brought through my soul- body connection. You will be hearing sounds created using the metal and crystal bowls, tuning forks, and my voice which is gifted to open the angelic realm using solfeggio light and sound languages (as the dolphins and whales do).

We will hold this sacred portal together and each person is invited to do personal healing within it. We will also use this opportunity within the vortex to amplify planetary healing that is already on-going within our planet.

Our Oceans are connected to the the stars and the angels, come and feel this connection like never before!

You will leave this experience feeling a deeper connection with yourself, with Gaia, with the Angelic Realm, and the Cetacean Realm!

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Class Fee is $22.00

6470 Landsdowne Center, Alexandria, VA   571.969.6421
My latest CD, Angels of the Mintakan Ocean is available at this event for  $15


March 24 6:30 PM
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