Angelic Frequencies​ Sound Healing and Reiki  

Archangel Michael Sound Bath​​
June 9 2018 from 2-4PM

Boost your Protection, Power, and Faith with Archangel Michael and the Blue Flame Angels!

​Archangel Michael is a powerful healing Angel that works through the First Ray (Blue) of God of Divine Power and Will. This Angelic Realm is instrumental in helping humanity in releasing old negative patterns, thoughts, and emotions that are no longer in alignment with their highest vibration. Archangel Michael is also known as the Divine Protector, and working with this Angel can restore and increase your natural energy shield defenses from negative energy. Archangel Michael and the First Ray have amazing clearing, protection, and empowering healing powers.
As an Angelic Blue Ray Emissary of Light, I have been working with this Angel Realm since 2013 and have seen the amazing healing that can take place on all levels! These angels are always ready to work with us to heal our emotional wounds and help us let go of the trauma that we have suffered in this life, and all past lives. The path of healing has been chosen by many of us as we are increasingly exposed to more  of the higher frequencies of the Angelic Realms through solar, cosmic, and Earth energy shifts. Archangel Michael is calling you to shift your consciousness through clearing destructive patterns and cutting cords to negative people, thoughts, and emotions.  This individual clearing work is collectively uplifting the planet.
In this workshop we will connect to Archangel Michael and the Blue Ray Army of Light through sound to assist you in releasing ALL negative energy you are holding on to, and then EMPOWER and PROTECT you as you move into the next higher vibration. You will be working with the vibrations of sacred instruments and also through chanting of sacred sounds, in order to resonate the healing vibrations through your body. You will feel the Divine power and authority of Archangel Michael and the Blue Ray Army of Light running through your body as you release fear and embrace your Divine Light! 

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Class Fee is $25.00

6470 Landsdowne Center, Alexandria, VA   571.969.6421
My latest CD, Angels of the Mintakan Ocean is available at this event for  $15

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