Angelic Frequencies​ Sound Healing and Reiki  

Energy Clearing and Soul Alignment for Empaths

Calling all Empaths, Sensitives, Healers, and Lightworkers!!!

Honest Soul Yoga Studio
Alexandria, VA

April 21, 2018
6 to 9pm

~Empath Realignment Workshop~

Register by emailing ​ [email protected]

This workshop is designed to work on the soul level to help Empaths clear and reprogram their empathic gifts to work in the highest good for themselves and others.

What is an Empath?
An Empath is a person who is sensitive to other people's emotions on a level that is above what others may experience. We can all tell if someone is happy or sad by observing their body or their facial expression, but an Empath "knows" that a person is sad because they FEEL it. They may experience anxiety, pains in their chest, unexplained sadness or frustation. An Empath not only observes another person's feelings, they FEEL them too. Their sensitivity level is on "high." An Empath cannot watch any violence or pain on TV, because they often have a physical and deep emotional reaction to it.

Emotional Overload?
This is a common complaint with empathic people. The constant overload of emotions can cause them to withdraw, or worse, become sick. They can take on stress and pain that their friends or loved ones are currently feeling. They become very involved with the issues and problems that their loved ones and friends are facing, trying to help. They can be very upset and hurt when their friends don't take any helpful advice, because they get heavily invested in the energy of those around them. The Empath wants to help anyone and everyone, and they often pay the price for it!

 Emotional Rollercoaster?
Empaths commonly feel overwhelmed and say,"how do I make this stop?! I feel like I have no control, and I'm not happy!" They have trouble sleeping at night because they can't make their worries stop.

I understand what you are going through....
I am a very sensitive Empathic Healer with higher dimensional abilities and I would LOVE to share with other Empaths how I learned to control my empathic GIFT!

In this workshop I can share my deep insights from my Higher Self and Guardian Angels about:
  • what it means to be an Empath
  • how to become in alignment with your empathic gift and use it as it was designed
  • areas and behaviors that cause us to become out of alignment with this gift
  • how to take care of your emotional/energy body when you are an Empath
  • how to protect yourself from destructive energies and handle people who drain your energy
  • how to handle relationships with your loved ones that doesn't leave you exhausted

We will open Sacred Space and connect with your Divine Blueprint to realign your empathic gifts to work for your highest potential!

 To create a deep transformation within you, we will do a meditation session to RESET and REPROGRAM your empathic gift so that it can be used positively!
This workshop is a little different than most empath workshops because we will be doing deep soul level clearing and alignment of your empathic gifts. 

This workshop will help you understand yourself on a new level that can change the way you see the world. The Empath Realignment Session will create a deep shift within you that brings you into alignment with your empathic abilities.

The world needs Empowered and Aligned Empaths! Empaths lead the collective consciousness into the New Heart-Centered Collective. They show us the way to connect to each other is through the heart, and the heart leads to compassion. Compassion leads to ONENESS. Empaths are the KEY.

If this workshop resonates with you, please email me to register for the workshop at [email protected]

Workshop fee is $25.00