Angelic Frequencies​ Sound Healing and Reiki  

Deluxe Reiki Sound Healing Session
This session is designed for the person who is focused on removing blocks or negative feelings in their life and balancing/clearing all the chakras. Once you make your appointment, I will connect in meditation with the Divine Creator and receive messages about energy modalities are in alignment with your highest path and purpose. Your session will be about an hour in length and you will be lying on a massage table in a light mediation while we work together to move healing energy through your body and mind.
The healing sessions are very personal processes that are customed to each person's energy.   Depending on your needs we may use  messages from your Guardian Angels, cystal bowls, tibetan bowls, tuning forks,  native instruments, prana breathing, crystals, divination cards, sacred chants, sacred herbs, and light massage.                               
Private sessions are $100 per hour.  Appointments are made by email. See terms and conditions listed at the bottom of this page.
Angelic Dolphin/Whale Healing Session
In this session, we will connect to the Angelic Cetacean realm to allow healing to flow. We will guide you into connection with them as you lay on the meditation table and I will channel healing energy from this realm into your physical, emotional, and mental bodies using sounds of the Ocean, Dolphin calls, Whale Calls, and Angelic voices. I will use the ancient light symbols they have shown me to bring advanced healing from their realm into your body. This is an amazing experience that removes all stress, pain, worry, and guilt from your heart and mind.                            
Private sessions are $100 per hour.  Appointments are made by email.  See terms and conditions listed at the bottom of this page.
Blue Ray Angelic Empowerment Session
In this session I will channel and connect to the first Ray of God, the Blue Ray, the ray of Divine Power and Will. As a Blue Ray Empathic Starseed, I offer a portal connection to this special group of Angels who specialize in helping other connect to the Divine Power and Will of God, This session will attune you to the Blue Ray Angels and offer deep soul level healing and alignment within the Blue Ray. This session is great for those who are looking for EMPOWERMENT in finding their true purpose, aligning all areas of their life to the highest potential, and finding help to know and surrender to Divine Will. If you are feeling without direction or purpose, this session is very helpful in aligning you with the highest potential and path for you. Along our way here, we can lose our empowerment, and need some help finding it again.
Private sessions are $100 per hour.  Appointments are made by email. See terms and conditions listed at the bottom of this page.  
Empath Realignment Session
If you are a sensitive , empathic person who can feel the emotions of people, places, and things and you feel a little confused about this gift, this is the session for you. I will share the many insights I have learned as a deeply empathic, clairsentient person over the last 20 years that have helped me understand, control, and use my empathic gift in ways that are beneficial to my self and others. People are born as Empaths, but they are not born knowing how to use it! This is a 2 hour session. The first hour is a knowledge exchange that gives you SKILLS to empower your empathic gift and use it in the highest alignment. The second part of the session is an energy attuenement that opens up your gifts, strengthens and clears your energy bodies, removes negative energy patterns, and reprograms your emapthic gift to be used in the highest love and healing  for yourself and others. The cost for a private session is $150. This can also be done as a private group session.  Appointments made by email. See terms and conditions listed at the bottom of this page.
Sacred Sound Healing Workshops
Sacred Sound Healing Concerts can be performed live at privately held events at yoga centers, spiritual centers, or private gatherings. In these workshops I will provide a guided meditation using Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, drums, and Native Instruments. I will teach breathing and visualization techniques to lead the group in releasing negative energy blocks, calm the mind, and bring the body back to a healthy, joyful state of vibration!

Contact me via email to schedule a concert/workshop and for pricing info. Check my Workshop page for upcoming workshops. See terms and conditions listed at the bottom of this page.

Angel Harp Healing Session
The Angel Healing Harps created by Barb Edwards of Sedona, Arizona are known world wide for their amazing vibrations! I have started working with these amazing gifts from the Angelic realm in my sound session. I place the harp directly on the body, allowing it to resonate into your tissues, bones, and all your bodily systems; allowing pain to be transmuted. What a relaxing experience! I will combine the healing of the harp with reiki and vocal chanting to amplify and personalize the session to your highest vibration.

Private Sessions are $100 per hour. Appointments made by email. See terms and conditions listed at the bottom of this page.


 If you book any of the sessions listed here with me, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. All sessions require a $50 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. There are preparations and materials that are done for each student ahead of the class that require time and money. The balance is due on the date of service.

2. Sessions can be rescheduled up to 3 times before the contract will be closed.  Please allow me the earliest possible notice of cancellation and reschedule. At the latest by 9am the morning of the class. If do not notify me that you cannot make a session, then the session contract is ended and the deposit is not returned.

3. I do not accept credit card. I prefer cash, check or paypal.

4. I am not a medical professional. Please see a medical professional to treat life threatening conditions. Energy work is intended as *PART* of a treatment program for physical, mental, and emotional truama.

5. You absolve me from any liability in any personal injury (trip or falls) while on my property for a session.