Angelic Frequencies​ Sound Healing and Reiki  

Angelic Ocean Healing

This is the perfect workshop to get ready for the Kauai Awakening Retreat  in October!

Honest Soul Yoga Studio
Alexandria, VA

September X, 2017
X to Xpm

Enter into the Realm of the Angelic Ocean and Feel the Vibrations of Pure Healing!

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This is a group meditation workshop where you will be guided to access the healing frequencies of the Angels of the Cosmic Ocean, including Dolphins, Whales, and the Orcas!

 Have you ever been drawn to go to the Ocean for cleansing, healing, relaxation, and peace?

Our Ocean holds a sacred vibration and connection to the Cosmic Ocean that draws people to it for healing and deeper connection.

In this workshop you can access the ancient sounds of the ocean and the beautiful dolphins and whales that are our partners on this planet’s journey. You can create an underwater healing temple that you can recall any time through meditation and unique marine sounds.
Suzanne will connect your body, mind, and soul to the portal of energy that streams through our planet’s massive oceans. The sounds of the sea and calls of the whales/dolphins will be incorporated into crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, angelic harmonies, and vocal chanting. Combining the healing sounds of the Earth with the healing sounds of the Angelic realm has a very powerful resonance that provides an energy field for deep transformation on every level.

We will be laying down (or seated) on yoga mats for the meditation with blankets, bolsters, and props for ultimate ease. Please wear comfortable clothing layers so you can easily make adjustments throughout the session as your body temperature changes.

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