Angelic Frequencies​ Sound Healing and Reiki  

Fall  Equinox: Angelic Transmission to Integrate and Shift Energy
Honest Soul Yoga Studio
Alexandria, VA

September 22, 2017

Use the Fall Equinox to Align and Shift Your Personal Energy through the Wisdom and Healing of the Angelic Realm

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This is a group meditation workshop where you will receive a special Fall Equinox energy transmission from the Angelic Realm to aid in integrating new cosmic energies brought by the eclipse to shift your own personal energy into alignment with your highest potential!

An energy transmission from the Angelic Realm is very similair to a reiki treatment. It works on all levels with your personal energy field and soul karma to clear, activate, heal, integrate, and shift your chakras and physical, mental, and emotional bodies into the next higher frequency.

The Angelic Realm has asked me to create this workshop with focus on two things: INTEGRATION of high frequency, positive energy and SHIFTING out the old energy fields to allow the new energy to complete it's work as we move into the Fall Equinox. The Fall equinox will open a vortex of harmonizing energy to balance the male/female principals within all of us. Our old karmic energy is shifted out, and the new aligned energy is shifted in. The timing of this workshop is within Divine Cosmic Alignment for us all.

The energy transmission will occur while you are present at the workshop, receiving the Angelic messages, and in meditation with the Angelic Sounds that Suzanne will channel and create using sacred instruments. She will create the sound vortex that will be made of these healing frequencies that are available during the Fall Equinox!

We will be laying down (or seated) on yoga mats for the meditation with blankets, bolsters, and props for ultimate ease. Please wear comfortable clothing layers so you can easily make adjustments throughout the session as your body temperature changes.

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