Angelic Frequencies​ Sound Healing and Reiki  

Schedule of Events

I hold workshops and concerts in various venues.  Check back to see my newest events or join me on Facebook to see events.
  1. 17
    Angelic Dolphin Sound Vortex Workshop
    Bonita Woods Wellness Institute
    Experience an Angelic Portal opening through the Cetacean Realm for personal and planetary healing.
  2. 10
    Oceanic Sound Healing Workshop
    Pure Prana Yoga 3:30pm
    A complete guided meditation workshop to experience the healing of the Ocean Realm and create your own personal healing temple within.
  3. 23
    Connecting with Angels: A Journey Through Sound
    Do you know your guardian angels? Are you aware of the signs that they are around you and the ways they are guiding you? We all have a very special team of Angels who are our guides in making decisions that are in alignment with out highest path and potential. In this workshop, Suzanne will guide you to a deeper connection with the Angels through a journey in a sacred sound meditation. Suzanne is a practicing Reiki Master Sound Healer who has the special ability to use her spirit-body connection to create sacred space and align your energy to the Angelic Realm. Sound created through intention with spiritual instruments and vocal harmonies has the power to create a vortex of healing and connection with The Divine. You will experience this sound vortex and connection with the Angelic realm through this guided journey. Deep emotional and physical trauma can be released to allow a Divine Transformation of mind, body, and spirit. Many people who have experienced this powerful connection have reported feeling emotional release, seeing colors and lights, feeling the presence of Angels and loved ones who have crossed over, tingling and hot/cold sensations in areas of the body which are in pain, a deep feeling of unconditional love sweeping through their body and minds, and messages or insights about areas of their life that they were seeking answers for. This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to experience healing and connection on higher levels! Come and experience the amazing healing power of Angelic Sounds! your website.
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